Number of Doctors Increased by 51% Since 2007

Saskatchewan residents continue to have improved health care access with nearly 900 more physicians providing service than in 2007, an increase of 51%. In total, more than 2,600 physicians are licensed to practice in the province. Saskatchewan also continues to heavily recruit pediatricians in advance of the opening of the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital. 

Since 2007:

  • The number of pediatricians practicing in Saskatchewan has increased by 98% 
  • The number of specialists has increased by 62%
  • The number of family physicians has increased by 43%
  • The number of psychiatrists has increased by 37%

Our government is committed to growing our physician workforce to ensure the people of Saskatchewan have improved access to high quality, timely health care services. Physicians play a vital role in Saskatchewan’s health care system, and we will continue to invest in physician recruitment.