On the Ledge with Adam Hunter

I had fun with Adam Hunter while recording his latest podcast episode of On the Ledge. Click here to listen to the podcast on iTunes. 

Here's how CBC describes the interview: "She used to teach politics at the University of Regina and now she is a politician responsible for post-secondary education in the province. On the Ledge host Adam Hunter speaks with Minister of Advanced Education Tina Beaudry-Mellor. She discusses the transition from the classroom to the legislature and some of the differences between her old and new gigs. She talks about her love of coffee, what it’s like being the mom of a quarterback and why she decided to perform in a dance competition for charity. And finally, she reveals an affection for Metallica."

On the Ledge is a weekly CBC podcast that makes Saskatchewan politics personal. Each week, host Adam Hunter will talk to the people behind the stories. The podcast will touch on the big headlines and take you behind the scenes at the Saskatchewan legislature.