Domestic Violence Death Review Final Report Released

The final report from Saskatchewan’s Domestic Violence Death Review Panel has been released.

The final report contains 19 recommendations, which will be used to guide specific key actions and ongoing consultation on the issue of domestic violence. The following actions will be taken as a starting point in response to the report:

Domestic Violence Disclosure process (“Clare’s Law”)—A Domestic Violence Disclosure process will establish a way for police to disclose information about previous violent behavior by a potentially violent individual to their partner.

Kids on the Block/Kids Matter northern expansion—Additional funds will be provided to expand these programs in northern Saskatchewan. The programs are delivered by community partners who provide educational programming to school-aged children on family and domestic violence issues.

Additional crisis workers—Funding will be made available for additional crisis workers; one in northern Saskatchewan and one in the rural south.  Additional crisis workers will help meet the increasing demands for sexual assault services.

Expansion of the Children Exposed to Violence program—This program provides children who have been exposed to domestic violence with supports designed to reduce their risk of becoming a victim or offender.

In addition to these short-term responses, the results of the Domestic Violence Death Review Panel’s work will be used to inform ongoing consultations on a provincial domestic violence plan.

For the full news release and a link to the report, please click here