Understand Us Launches 'Me to You'

Understand Us is a volunteer initiative that combats the stigma of mental health. Each year during Mental Health Week, Understand Us launches a new campaign focused on an important mental health topic. 

The 2018 campaign is Me To You. It encourages youth to express vulnerabilities and invites others to respond with messages of support to invest in their resilience and build strength. 

We believe there is strength in sharing your vulnerabilities, and we believe there is beauty in the support and understanding others can show these individuals. Get involved at www.MeToU.ca

Jim and Brett: a Dynamic Duo 

Jim Demeray (left) is the founder of Understand Us. Brett Matlock is a teacher. Together with St. Gregory School students, and great people at Strategy Labs and Alair Homes, they made the Me to You campaign a reality. 

Alex Jones St Gregory School.jpg

Speaking Out

Alex Jones received a standing ovation for his speech on behalf of his grade 7 and 8 peers at St. Gregory School. Bravo!


Sweet Swag

Thanks to the creative talents at Strategy Labs, Understand Us not only has an impactful website and campaign videos, but also has apparel and other swag available to help raise funds.  

St. Gregory Stars

St Gregory grade 7 and 8 students.jpeg

St. Gregory School grade 7 & 8 students are at the heart of the Me to You campaign. Students featured in the video campaign showed courage in sharing their vulnerability in order to help others. 

Statement in the Legislature

I was pleased to stand in the Legislature on May 14 to talk about Regina University constituent Jim Demaray and his remarkable work with UnderstandUs and the Me to You campaign.